Welcome to Chinese Medal Blog. We hope this blog will provide Chinese medal collectors and enthusiasts a place for meeting with each other, a platform for information exchange, and a source of Chinese medal history.

James & Ben

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  1. huizhangchaguan

    Hi,I left a message in your mailbox.
    Please contact me by e-mail.
    Wish you happy!

  2. huizhangchaguan

    Hello. I send you 2 new messages.
    Please check!
    Please contact me by e-mail.
    I hope that after we contact directly by e-mail .
    Please give me a read receipt.
    Wish you happy!

  3. Ron Graves

    I have recently emailed you about the Insignia of the Third Class of the Second Division of the Imperial Chinese Order of the Double Dragon and was wondering if you knew of anyone who may have access to the coral that goes in the center and also the smaller pieces above the center piece. The only piece of coral on the medals is on the smaller medal worn around the neck and it is the center piece, still missing the smaller one.

    Your help would be appreciated.

    Kindest Regards,

    Ronald Graves

  4. Greg Curtis

    My family & I are in possesion of a Royal Order of the Double dragon we are unable to locate any photo’s that are the same as what we have. It was awarded to my Great Grandfather Mr Frederick Joseph Curtis along with a signed parchment written in chinese and almost identical to several of the photo’s you have on this sight, with the stamp/royal seal of what we belive to be the boy Emporer Puyi we are awre that he was 4 yrs of age at the time which makes the year 1910 along with the parchment we also have a signed document from King George the V thanking my Great Grandfather for the work he had done in assisting trade between China & Great Britian.At the time he was awarded the Royal Order of the double dragon he was advised not to wear it, however inthe July or August of 1910 King George gave permission to my Great Granfather it was ok to ware. Can you tell me if you are displaying all knownshapes & sizes of the Royal order of the Double Dragon.
    Greg S Curtis
    email: curtisg79@hotmail.com I do thank you in advance for any help you are able to garnish.

  5. Christian Bormann

    Hello from Germany!
    I sent an email to you with some attachement. Hope you received my email.
    thanks for your feedback and br, Christian

  6. Barry Weaver

    Good Morning James, I hope all goes well. Would you kindly email me ASAP re 2nd addition OMSA Boxer Rebellion Book. Would like to speak with you. Best Wishes, Barry

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