Update: New Book 《Chinese Medals 1911-1945》 Release Date

The third book of the Chinese Medals Series, 《Chinese Medals 1911-1945》, will be released sometime in the near future. There are 4 main sections in this book:

1. Beiyang Government

2. Nanking Government

3. Soviet Republic of China

4. Manchukuo and other puppet governments

The book includes more than 500 medals and related items. There will be historical description and picture(s) for each item. I hope you will enjoy this book.

Beiyang Government Medals:

Nanking Government Medals:

Soviet Republic of China Medals:

Manchukuo Medals:

Medals of other puppet governments:


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2 responses to “Update: New Book 《Chinese Medals 1911-1945》 Release Date

  1. Philip Tan

    Hi, if I were to order the 3 published books, namely “Chinese Orders”, “Qing Dynasty Medals” and “Chinese Medals”, what will be the total price, including shipping charges to Singapore?

    • chinesemedal

      The third book had not been published. The author is still working on it. I will announce it here once it is ready for purchase.

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