Update: New Book 《Qing Dynasty Medals》 Available Now

My new book 《Qing Dynasty Medals》 is printed, and is now available for purchase.

From my experience, Qing Dynasty medals are very difficult to collect. Firstly, there are numerous types of Qing Dynasty medals, but of each type, only very few were awarded. Secondly, most of the Qing Dynasty medals were made with silver. With silver being the standard of currency, each medal was a monetary fortune. Since the late 1800s, China suffered from many wars and was in a turmoil for decades. Lots of these silver medals were melted into coins to buy food. Thus the Qing Dynasty medals remaining today are very rare.

Although I have devoted my utmost efforts in the search of Qing Dynasty medals over the years, I am only able to contain about 190 Qing Dynasty medals and related items in this book. All medals in the book are arranged into categories such as military, economic, political, etc., and I have described each medal with its relevant historical backgrounds and stories.

The book is exquisitely printed and bound in hard cover.

I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you.

This new book features:

1) High quality pictures of more than 190 Qing Dynasty Medals and related items;

2) History and related antique photograph of each medal;

3) Content written in Chinese and English;

4) Hard cover upholstered in silk;

5) 138 pages.

The price of the book is US$500 + US$80 international shipping and handling.

We accept PayPal and money order.

To purchase, please contact us by email at chinesemedal@gmail.com

Once payment is confirmed, the book will ship out on the next business day.

CHINA QING DYNASTY MEDALS 中國清代徽章 ISBN: 978-0-9781539-3-9








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2 responses to “Update: New Book 《Qing Dynasty Medals》 Available Now

  1. Ed Haynes

    Would like to order this, but there seems to be no way to do this. Please advise.


    • chinesemedal

      Hi Ed, thank you for your message. Please email us at admin@chinesemedal.com with your PayPal email address, and we’ll send you an invoice for the book. The book is now available, and we’ll ship the book on the next business day once the payment is received.

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